Why we love what we do

The CEO of Vibes4Joy wants to see more positive events happening around the world. He would see negative events happen here and there. He just wanted people to have a much more brighter thought of their future and present day lives. So, he came up with Vibes 4Joy. Vibes 4 Joy sells t-shirts and gives a certain percentage of the profit to a local organization. The t-shirts have positive- impactful quotes to encourage and spread positive thinking.

For every t-shirt you buy, a percentage of the profit will be donated to the Kyle Ambrogi foundation. 

The ever-growing supporters of the Kyle Ambrogi Foundation strive to deliver on their mission:

"To promote education and awareness of depression in teens and young adults and promote suicide prevention, while keeping Kyle’s memory alive through academic scholarships and athletic initiatives."

Go to their site to donate: 

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